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Trainer Christopher Phenix Collins
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About Me

Born and raised in Oakland, California by my grandmother and my mother, I learned how to work hard for what I wanted. I learned through hard work, focus and dedication to my craft that anything could become possible. I was blessed to have mentorship from many coaches throughout my life that encouraged me to reach my limits and then push past them. It was through this guidance mentally and physically that I was able to reach my full potential as an athlete. After graduating from college with a bachelor's degree and two associates degrees, I played professional basketball overseas. This experience only encouraged me further to reach my dream of owning my own fitness business, where I could continue my passion encouraging athletes and individuals to improve their lives and Rise to Prime.


Basketball Camps & Skills Assessment
Offering camps for school-aged and college-ready athletes. Large or small group-bring them all!
Skill assessment via video analysis--submit film for analysis and create a workout plan to prepare for tryouts at all levels. 
Shooting Clinic with a shooting machine!



Personal Training & Nutritional Planning
Clients will be assessed and given a plan to address their individual fitness needs. Working on athletic skills or personal fitness goals, training with Coach Phenix Collins will set you up to Rise to Prime.
Nutritional Planning available to ensure your body has the proper energy to fuel your workouts.
Group Fitness & Agility Training
Clients will train in a group setting with a maximum of 6 other clients to improve competitiveness, strength & agility and Skill & Weight Training.
Also introducing the new Bigger-Stronger-Faster program to give clients 3 hours a week in the Rise Arena focusing specifically on strength training.
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