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Shooting Session

Athletic Skills Training

Shooting Session with Shooting Machine - 30 mins - $35

                -60 mins - $55

*1 to 4  max athletes per session*

Expect 3-4 sessions to correct bad habits with minimum of 150 to 600 shots put up during each session

Sport Specific/ Muscle Isolation 4-Day Workout Plan  $10

Specialized Sports Training: $35

Personalized Skills Clinic:  $30

Group or Team Conditioning

min 4 participants: $150/hr

Group or Team Camp

min 10 participants: starting $25/person

**Prices may vary according to athletes' ages, skill and sport**

Team Training

Need film review for an upcoming season or try outs?

20-30 minute film review: $25

Recording & film review:  $50

Film Review
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